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Real Estate Matters

As a longtime business attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeff has handled a variety of matters involving real estate and real estate transactions. Though he certainly does not hold himself out as a real estate expert, he deals with real estate often as part of his business practice. In addition, where clients need specific and detailed real estate expertise, Jeff taps his wide network of other professionals to assist in specific areas not part of his practice

The primary areas of real estate assistance given to clients fall into the following categories of legal services

Commercial Leasing Matters

  • Assisting both landlords and prospective tenants to plan, draft, and execute commercial leases
  • Drafting, reviewing, analyzing and negotiating commercial leases for premises upon which the business is conducted
  • Counseling clients in situations where injury or loss has occurred on business premises and steps need to be taken in relation to such injury or loss
  • Advising with respect to situations where a lease has to be subleased or assigned and assisting in accomplishing that
  • Helping clients with lease renewals or lease terminations when the business environment changes

Purchase and Sale of Commercial Property

  • Assisting business clients in obtaining commercial property for the conduct of the business
  • Communicating with brokers and other professionals to identify and locate possible properties
  • Negotiating and drafting documents to effect the purchase and sale
  • Assisting with financing arrangements
  • Coordinating with escrow holders and others involved in consummating the sale

Commercial Property Management Matters

  • Assist client who own commercial real property with management issues
  • Coordinate with other professionals to provide such services