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Mediation & Arbitration

Early on in his business law career, Jeff realized how harmful and destructive litigation is to businesses, particularly small businesses. Not only is the business quickly hamstrung with huge legal bills but the principals become completely preoccupied with the mechanics and logistics of the litigation. The field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), the use of out-of-court processes such as mediation and arbitration to avoid the extensive costs, delays, and distractions often caused by formal court litigation, was in its infancy but Jeff pursued it with a passion. He was one of the first to be trained in a formal mediation training program and pursued both basic and advanced levels of training with an attorney/mediator who became one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the subject.

Jeff is routinely generally retained as a mediator by litigators or other business attorneys that have cases either ongoing or about to be filed involving business, commercial, construction and real estate matters. Jeff also acts as a mediator and arbitrator for attorneys who wish to avoid the more expensive American Arbitration Association and Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service alternatives. He has been a mediator and an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, the Santa Clara County Bar Association, and the Santa Clara County Superior Court as well as acting as a private ADR service provider to attorneys throughout the Bay Area..

The following provides an overview of Jeff’s alternative dispute resolution services:

  • Have acted as mediator, arbitrator, early neutral evaluator, and judicial arbitrator in hundreds of disputes both pre- and post-filing
  • Experience with American Arbitration Association, Santa Clara County Superior Court, Santa Clara County Bar Association, and countless referrals from firms of all sizes
  • Flat hourly rate ($495 per hour) regardless of the number of parties
  • No filing fee, no minimum amount of time for which I charge, no cancellation fee
  • Available to work at my office with multiple conference facilities or travel to other locations, depending on the convenience of counsel and parties.
  • Experienced with all aspects of settlement process and come prepared with proper forms for effecting the settlement immediately

Jeff continues to be active in the field of ADR and is in contact with a large network of other ADR providers. He regularly consults with other attorneys who wish to tap his expertise in this area so that their clients can resolve disputes without having to resort to full-blown litigation.