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Employment Matters

Through is extensive experience as a business attorney, Jeff has handled a variety of employment related matters. Virtually every business entity faces employment matters, many from the very outset of the venture. As company counsel, Jeff has assisted and advised clients in virtually every area of employment law. Though there are attorneys who do nothing but specialize in the area of employment and labor law, and Jeff is not one of those specialists, he works closely with a number of such specialists when the situation calls for it.

Though it is difficult to summarize and outline all the employment-related areas upon which Jeff can advise, following is a list of some of the matters where he can be of assistance:

Commencement of the Business 

  • Assist in planning for employees and contractors as agents for the business
  • Draft and review offer letters, employment agreements and independent contractor agreements
  • Draft and review employment-related documents such as stock options, buy-sell agreements, management, and indemnity agreements
  • Preparation of employee handbook, non-disclosure agreements, and other similar initial documents
  • Advising about the mix between employees and independent contractors
  • Assisting with information about posting of required labor law notices
  • Counseling with respect to wage and hour laws and regulations

Counseling the Ongoing Business Enterprise

  • Advising about ongoing employment and labor matters including compliance with various state and federal employment regulations
  • Assisting with problems when they arise with an employee
  • Counseling about how to comply with applicable law when non-performance, absenteeism or other difficulties
  • Providing information regarding family medical leave and other similar issues

Executive Compensation Packages

  • Drafting and reviewing executive compensation packages
  • Collaborate with tax advisors and other professionals with respect to structuring the most advantageous situation
  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreement, stock purchase/option agreements, buy-sell agreements and related documents

Situations Involving Termination of Employment

  • Advising both employers and employees regarding the termination of employment
  • Counseling in connection with severance and separation situations
  • Drafting and review severance and separation documents particularly for management and senior management officials
  • Collaborate with tax advisors and other professionals